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Company Index U


UBS Warburg
Uchem Products Pte Ltd
UE Square
UFO Chemicals Pte Ltd
UGotACall Pte Ltd
Uhin Holding Pte ltd
UIC Development Pte Ltd
UIS International Holding Pte Ltd
Ultimate Display System Pte Ltd
Ultra Corp (S) Pte Ltd
Ultra Instrument & Automation Pte Ltd
Ultro Technologies Ltd  
UMI Carpeting (S) Pte Ltd
Underwater World
Unicane Furniture Pte Ltd
Unics Automation Pte Ltd
Unilever Singapore Pte Ltd 
Unimarine Shipping Services Pte Ltd
Union Chemical & Pharmaceutical Pte Ltd
Union Marketing & Industries Pte Ltd
Uniq Arts
Unique Metal   
Unisys Singapore Pte Ltd
United Airlines Inc.
United Can Technology Pte Ltd
United Consultants Pte Ltd
United Engineers Ltd
United Lifestyle  Pte Ltd
United Overseas Bank Group UOB 
United Overseas Land Ltd UOL
United Parcels Services Singapore UPS  
United Texmac Pte Ltd
United World College of South East Asia
Universal Building Materials Pte Ltd
Uniwes Engineering (S) Pte Ltd
UNZA Pte Ltd
UOB Asset Management Ltd
UOB Securities
UPS Logistics Asia Pte Ltd
Urban Redevelopment Authority URA
UT Heavy Industries (S) Pte Ltd

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