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Company Index C


C & E Holidays Pte Ltd
C & G Systems Pte Ltd
C & H Realty Pte Ltd
C & K Marketing Pte Ltd
C & P Rent-A-Car (Pte) Ltd
C K Tang Ltd
C K Omega
C Steinweg Warehousing (F E) Pte Ltd
C W Lee Peng Chia Philip (Advocates & Solicitors)
Cable & Wireless Network Services (S'pore) Pte Ltd
Cactus Art Design & Furnishing
Cadence Design Systems (S) Pte Ltd
Cairnhill Metrology Pte Ltd
Caldecott Productions International Pte Ltd
Calfarme (Singapore) Pte Ltd
California Fitness Centers
Caline Leather Products Pte Ltd
Caltex Singapore Pte Ltd
Cambridge Child Development Centre
Campaign Cleaning Services (Pte) Ltd
Campo Research Pte Ltd
Canadian Association of Singapore
Canadian International School
Canon Marketing Services Pte Ltd   
Canon Singapore Pte Ltd
Cap Gemini Singapore Pte Ltd
Capital City Posters Pte Ltd
Capital Distributors (S) Pte Ltd
Capmar Machinery Pte Ltd
Car Express Pte Ltd
CarAuc International Pte Ltd Singapore
Careers Unlimited
Careers Management Services Pte Ltd
Cargill International Trading Pte Ltd
Cargo Community Network Pte Ltd
Cariman Tooling Industry
Carlton Hotel (S) Pte Ltd
Carona Holdings Pte Ltd
Carrier Singapore Pte Ltd 
CASA (S) Pte Ltd
Cash & Credit Singapore Pte Ltd
Caterpillar Asia Pte Ltd
Cathay Organisation Holdings Ltd
Cathay Photo Store Pte Ltd
Caxton Services Co Pte Ltd
CB Richard Ellis (Pte) Ltd
Cedro Network Pte Ltd
CEL Tractors Pte Ltd
Cellini Design Centre Pte Ltd
Central Aluminium & Glass Construction Pte Ltd
Central Dspository, The  CDP
Central Granites Industries Pte Ltd
Central-Midori (S) Pte Ltd
Central Provident Fund Board CPF
Centre For Drug Evaluation
Century Enterprise
Century Technology Pte Ltd
Century Travel Services Pte Ltd
Cerebos Pacific Ltd
CET Technologies Pte Ltd 
Challenger Technologies Pte Ltd 
Chambers International Group
Champion Motors
Chapman Freeborn Airmarketing Pte Ltd
Chan Brothers Travel Pte Ltd
Chan Chuan Chang Metal Works
Chan Sau Yan Associates
Chan Tan & Partners
Changi General Hospital
Changi Hotel Singapore
Changi International Airport Services Pte Ltd
Changi International Logistics Centre Ltd
Chaplin Design Associate
Chapters Pte Ltd
Chartered Asset Management Asia
Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd 
Chase Manhatten Bank The
Chass Computer Consultants Pte Ltd
Chee Yam Contractor Pte Ltd
Chen Loy Fatt Metal Works Pte Ltd
Cheong Yeo & Partners
Cher Management Services Pte Ltd
Chesterton International Property Consultants Pte Ltd
Chesuyan Interior Design & Decoration Pte Ltd
Chevron Chemical (Far East) Pte Ltd
Chia Khim Lee Food Industries Group
Chiaki Enterprises Pte Ltd
Chilisin Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd
China Construction (South Pacific) Development Co
China Enterprise Association (Singapore)
Ching Soon Construction Pte Ltd
Chiorino Far East Pte Ltd
Chip Eng Seng Construction (1988) Pte Ltd
ChipsAway (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Choli Beauty House
Chong Gay General Contractor
Chong Lee Leong Seng Co Ltd
Choong Kok Agency Ltd
Chor Pee & Co
Choy Hong Engineering Works
Chrisexcel Pte Ltd
Christianio De Florist
CH2M Hill Singapore Pte Ltd
Chu Seng Tan Kee Holdings (Pte) Ltd
Chuen Cheong Food Industries Pte Ltd
CIBA Specialty Chemicals (Singapore) Pte Ltd
CIBC Asia Ltd
Cimtek Pte Ltd
Circle Dot Com Pte Ltd
Cisco Systems (USA) Pte Ltd
Citiart (S) Pte Ltd
Citibank Singapore
City Development Ltd 
City Music Co Pte Ltd
City Satay (Food Industries) Pte Ltd
City School of Commerce
City Tyre Auto Pte Ltd
Citycab Pte Ltd
Citycom Holdings Pte Ltd
Citycraft (S) Pte Ltd
Citydreams Pte Ltd  
CityHub Business Services Pte Ltd
Cityneon Displays (S) Pte Ltd
Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore CHANGI AIRPORT
CKS Property Consultants Pte Ltd
Clariant (S) Pte Ltd
Clearpack Singapore Pte Ltd
Clifford Chance 
Clipsal Singapore Pte Ltd
Cllim Design Web Construction
Closed Loop Technology
Club Med Services (S) Pte Ltd
Club Twenty-One
CM Vision - Asia Pacific
CMG First State Investments
CML Microcircuits (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Coca-Cola Far East Ltd
Cofreth Technical Services Pte Ltd 
Coilcraft Industries Singapore Pte Ltd
Cold Storage Singapore (1983) Pte Ltd     
Colin Ng & Partners
Colliers Jardine (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Collin's Movers & Relocation Pte Ltd
Combination Woodworks Pte Ltd
Comfort Group Ltd
Commercial & Industrial Security Corporation
Commerzbank (SEA) Ltd
Common Town Pte Ltd
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Commonwealth Travel Service Corpn Pte Ltd
Community Chest Singapore
Companion Animal Surgery
Company Headquarters
Compaq Computer Asia/Pacific Pte Ltd 
Compex Systems Pte Ltd
Compressed Air Equipment Specialist Pte Ltd
Computer Associates Pte Ltd
Compuware Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd
Comtech Equipment & Supplies Pte Ltd
Conair Pacific Equipment Pte Ltd
Concord Associates
Concorde Hotel
Conference & Management Services Pte Ltd
Confetti Flowers & Hampers
Conflo Marketing Pte Ltd
Connex Pte Ltd
Conrad Ottess Private Asset Management Ltd
Constann Design Pte Ltd
Contact Singapore
Containers Printers Pte Ltd
Continental Delight Catering Services Pte Ltd
Convention Links (S) Pte Ltd
Coolserve Aircondition Engineering
Cooma Lau & Loh Advocates/Solicitors
Corndale Consultants Pte Ltd
Corporate Travel Services Pte Ltd
Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau CPIB
Corten Furniture Pte Ltd
Cosco Holdings (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Cosmoprof International Pte Ltd
Council on International Educational Exchange
Coudert Brothers 
Cougar Express (S) Pte Ltd
Courts Singapore Ltd
Coverall (S) Pte Ltd
Coverlook Beauty House
CREAG Crouse-Hinds Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Createsoft Computer & Trading Pte Ltd
Creative Faceworks
Creation Street Pte Ltd
Creative O Preschoolers' Bay
Creative Software Pte Ltd
Creative Technology Ltd
Credinet (S) Pte Ltd
Credit Suisse First Boston Pacific Ltd
Credit Suisse Singapore
Christofori Music Pte Ltd
Cron Computer School
Crosfield Pte Ltd
Crown Motor Enterprises Pte Ltd
Crown Systems (S) Pte Ltd
Crown Worldwide Pte Ltd
Crystal Time (S) Pte Ltd
CSA Holdings Ltd (1)
CSC Holdings Ltd 
CSR South East Asia Pte Ltd    
CSS Industrial Pte Ltd
CTS Singapore Pte Ltd
Customs & Excise Department
CWT Distribution Ltd
Cyber Business Network (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Cyber Communication System (SEA) Pte Ltd
Cyberway Pte Ltd
Cycle & Carriage Ltd
Cyclect Group of Companies














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